About Company

About Company

LLC "Vyatskaya Shipping Company is one of the largest independent tra in Russia. The company was registered on October 1, 2003. LLC "Vyatskaya Shipping Company” provides railway, sea and river cargo transportation, has a unique expertise in the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, provides stevedoring, brokerage, freight services, ship agency and cargo insurance services, carries out container transportation, manages a number of warehouse complexes.

LLC “Vyatskaya Shipping Company” provides its clients a set of accompanying services: an assessment of the customer's logistics schemes; planning and selection of the optimal route taking into account the infrastructure, technological and economic components; investment in necessary infrastructure and vehicles; asset management, including problematic.

LLC “Vyatskaya Shipping Company” has a unique experience in the transportation of bulky cargoes all over the world, including the Arctic. The Group's companies are serviced by oil refineries, metallurgical companies, glass industry enterprises, chemical and mining companies.

LLC “Vyatskaya Shipping Company” provides universal transport and logistics services, specializes in transportation of oil cargoes, using its own and leased ships. LLC “Vyatskaya Shipping Company” participates in the export of products from Refineries in Russia Federation.

LLC “Vyatskaya Shipping Company” also carries out sea and river cargo transportation, chartering, brokerage, ship agency and cargo insurance services. The company is one of the leaders in the organization of transportation of bulky and heavy cargo.

Along with the cargo transportation service, LLC “Vyatskaya Shipping Company” provides its clients with a set of accompanying tools: legal support, assistance in drafting documents and negotiating, planning and choosing the optimal route, taking into account the infrastructure, technological and economic components.

The high level of logistics services provided by LLC “Vyatskaya Shipping Company” is provided primarily through direct contracts with the largest, including competing carriers, which guarantees the availability of rolling stock, reliable and uninterrupted delivery of cargoes by rail and timeliness of shipments.

Interaction with global liner shipping companies contributes to the expansion of transportation geography and provides LLC “Vyatskaya Shipping Company” the opportunity to choose the most optimal routes for its customers. And the availability of own terminals and direct contracts with key ports of Russia, Finland and the Baltic States allow controlling the transshipment of cargo without the direct participation of the client.


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