Cargo Transportation

Cargo Transportation

Making use of our services, you get a possibility to have your goods conveyed by ships of large freight-carrying capacity and the process of unloading and loading optimized, which is especially important in the conditions of the existing shortage of berths and handling equipment in the Far North.

The effective and timely delivery of bulk and general cargo to the Yamal Peninsula and other ports of the Far North along the Northern Sea Route for our customers (mainly oil and gas companies) is made using the vessels meeting the most stringent requirements, as concerns operation in harsh climatic conditions of the Arctic.

Active exploration of oil and gas fields in the areas of Extreme North is not possible without significant capital investment in the infrastructure of these deposits, which entails the need to deliver large amounts of construction materials and general cargo, steel-work, pipes and equipment. North-Western Shipping Company, using normally for delivery of goods to the Far North in the summer shipping season the technology involving vessels of mixed 'river-sea' type, enables intercommunication of the ports located within the Unified deep-sea system of the Russian Federation with the areas of the Far North, excluding transshipment of cargo from river to sea vessels, and thus to improve dramatically the efficiency of transportation.

The main types of cargo transported by the Vyatskaya Shipping Company:

  • construction materials (crushed stone, gravel, sand and gravel mix)
  • mineral and chemical fertilizers (carbamide, ammonia nitrate, potassium chloride, etc.),
  • metal and metal products,
  • heavy and oversized cargo.
  • crops,timber,salt,sulfur and coal

During the period of navigation, the LLC “Vyatskaya Shipping Company provides operation of more than 200 self- and non-self-propelled vessels as well as technical fleet, which transport about 7.5 million tons of cargo.

For cargo transportation the LLC “Vyatskaya Shipping Company” uses 74 Vyats-Don type motor vessels with cargo capacity of 5,000 tons, 50 pusher tugs with capacity of 800 to 2400 hp, with barge trains having cargo capacity of 4.5-18 thousand tons, 78 non-self-propelled barges. Construction of new vessels (RSD 44 project) with cargo capacity of 5,400 became a very important step in the development of cargo transportation of the LLC “Vyatskaya Shipping Company.


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