Social Responsibility

Environment Protection

One of the Vyatska Shipping Company’s most important social tasks is taking care of employee health and preserving a favorable environment in its companies’ operating area. The environmental programs and nature protection activities of Vyatska Shipping Company are implemented in strict conformity with the current legislation and are aimed at:

  • Reorientation of stevedoring assets located within cities to safe and highly profitable cargoes;
  • he implementation of comprehensive measures to reduce the burden on the ecosystem and minimize all forms of pollution;
  • The construction of a new fleet that meets modern requirements of environmental safety and fuel consumption;
  • Ensuring the rational use of natural resources and improvement of production waste management.
Reducing the impact on the ecosystem

The Environmental service of the Sea Port of St. Petersburg regularly monitors the quality of surface waste water and air, the condition of waste disposal places, places of temporary storage of waste and frequency of its removal, performs systematic monitoring of compliance with the rules and requirements of environmental and sanitary legislation.

The environmental burden is further reduced by the use of the latest scientific and technical developments in the field of waste disposal. As a result of the actions taken over the last two years the volume of emissions per ton decreased by 18% and the volume of enterprise’s waste water decreased by 34%. In general, the volumes of emissions from controlled sources do not exceed the statutory maximum permissible emission levels.

Environmental monitoring stations have been established at the port of Tuapse. Having a built-in automatic weather station and tools for measuring the levels of priority pollutants, the environmental stations provide round the clock monitoring of air quality during production activities and provide an opportunity to respond quickly if the maximum permissible emission levels are exceeded or in the event of adverse weather conditions within the scope of the approved action plan to regulate emissions.

As part of a package of measures aimed at reducing the impact on the environment, specialists of the industrial laboratory of the Taganrog port regularly take a number of measurements of air samples, perform instrumental control of the composition and volume of emissions during loading and unloading operations, monitor and control the quality of sea water, carry out maintenance of the equipment for the collection and treatment of surface water, perform the coastal zone screening.


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