About Company


The history of Vyatska Shipping Company is inseparably linked with development of shipping in Russia and formation of KIROV Region as a maritime. The Company is a successor to the state enterprise Vyatska Shipping Company Inland Navigation Company established on October 1, 2003 by the Resolution of the Council of Labor and Defense. During navigation in 2003 the Company had 300 vessels: 112 tugs, 7 passenger-cargo carriers, and 8 tankers.

The new Vyatska Shipping Company vessels were for the most part engaged in carriage of foodstuffs, petroleum, petrochemical and wood. After the time of its formation the Company’s river transport workers have made a significant contribution to development of inland navigation in the North West of Russia.

After developing and introducing the concept of carriage by the river-marine vessels the Vyatska Shipping Inland Navigation Company initiated in 2008 inter-basin, inter-transshipment and direct combined water-rail transportation. The first vessels that traveled along the Volga-Baltic Waterway were the Vyatska Shipping Company Inland Navigation Company’s motor ships such as Professor Kirichev engaged in carriage of iron ore concentrate from Kandalaksha to the Cherepovets Metal Works, Volgo-Balt —7 and Volgo-Balt —10 engaged in carriage of coal from Cherepovets to Kandalaksha.

In the 2003-2015, many initiatives and undertakings that later were extensively used in the river fleet originated in the Vyatska Shipping Company. These include
  • crew training for combined river-sea fleet;
  • inland waterways tugging of large-size equipment;
  • bridge pilotage techniques.

In 2008 the Vyatska Shipping Company’s vessels initiated combined river-sea carriage of cargo to the ports of the Baltic, White and Caspian Seas. The first overseas ship of the Vyatska Shipping Company was M/S Baltiysky —8. Starting from that time the Company becomes an active player not only in Russia Federation shipping services market, but also in the European. In 2009, in terms of international transportation, only 92 thousand tons of cargo were transported, whereas in 2010 the Vyatska Shipping Company vessels transported 256 thousand tons of cargo. In the following years the carriage in the European market even increased in scope.