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Transportation technology allow to convey large freight volumes from inland ports directly to European consumers without transhipment in estuarine and sea ports, which significantly increases the volume of cargoes exported from inland ports and reduces shipping costs of freight owners

Our specialists have a wide experience on the organization of freight transportation, towage of floating objects on inland water system of the European territory of Russia with an exit on internal waterways of Russia in coastal waters of the Baltic, Black and Caspian seas.

In spite of the fact that the company carries out bulk of transportations in the sea, with opening on navigation on internal waterways a part of vessels of shipping company start to work at the river actively. Dimensions and a draft of the majority of vessels of the company allow to transport on river systems of Russia, as much as possible choosing loading capacity of motor ships in the conditions of transportation of goods on inland water system Russian Federation.

LLC “Vyatskaya Shipping Company is highly experienced in transporting dry bulk cargoes over inland waterways of Russia.

Total deadweight of its fleet is 110 thousand tons. The company controls dry bulkers of up to 5000 tons deadweight, the Volgo-Don type, towing and barge fleet (the OT-1500, the OTA-800, the MB, the Ozerny), the 03020/03040, R-79 design barges. The river navigation vessels of the company deliver cargoes to all ports of the European part of Russia and sea ports Astrakhan, Rostov-on-Don, Saint-Petersburg, as well as to roads mooring of port Kavkaz. The main cargo traffic of the company is sulfur delivered along the route Buzan – port Kavkaz. The range of cargoes transported is dominated by fertilizers (potassium muriate, ammonium sulfate), as well as grain cargoes and coal.

LLC “Vyatskaya Shipping Company” is highly experienced in transporting project and off-gauge cargoes. Specialists of the company can develop integrated logistic schemes for door-to-door delivery of the cargo with optional transshipment in the Rostov multi-purpose port, Ust-Donetsky port, on the roads of port Kavkaz in single lots of up to 70 thousand tons.

The company provides delivery of dry bulk cargoes, containers, off-gauge and project cargoes. The main routes pass through the southern ports of Europe, Near East, North Africa and the Caspian. The river-sea navigation vessels transport cargoes in up to 7000 tons direct lots from the Russian river ports to any sea ports.

The company controls 4000 to 7000 tons cargo carrying capacity vessels, total deadweight of the fleet making 110 thousand tons. The fleet consists of motor vessels of the Volgo-Don, Volzhsky, Tanais, Volga, Sibirsky types.


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