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Project Cargoes

The vessels of LLC “Vyatskaya Shipping Company” use the resources of water transport to the maximum, being limited only by individual peculiarities of navigation on the inland waterways. The company effects transportation of heavy loads along both the arterial and lateral rivers, solving the problem of delivery of large-scale equipment when there are no alternative means of delivery of such cargo, but where are waterways suitable for shipping.

Managing the own «river-sea» fleet as well as numerous tow-barge structures (including a sea-class barge-platform with the length 102 meters, unique for Russia), the shipping company is ready to organize transportation (towage) of project cargo for you for minimum cost. The transportation may be organized both from manufacturers located in Europe and from Russian manufacturers most of which are located in close proximity to the inland waterways of Russia. The shallow-draught fleet of the company makes it possible to convey large-size equipment along the Northern Sea Route, with delivery of cargo to the ports of rivers Ob, Irtysh, Yenisei and others.

Working in the market of transportation of project and oversize cargo for more than one decade, the company has gained tremendous experience and knowledge in the field of transportation of such goods.

For transportation of non-standard bulky equipment or execution of any specific problems on the river or sea, specialized vessels and other floating objects may be built on the ship-building capacities of the holding.

LLC “Vyatskaya Shipping Company” transports equipment for

  • Infrastructural facilities
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Petroleum and chemical Industry
  • Wind-power engineering
  • Heat engineering
  • Atomic power engineering
  • Extraction and processing of oil and gas

Transportation of oversized and oversized cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo with the involvement of water transport is one of the activities of our company. Transportation of oversized cargo, special equipment is a complex type of transportation. The contractor is obliged to approach this problem with maximum responsibility. On the one hand, the professionalism of specialists is important, and on the other, an individual approach. Our company has extensive experience, so we reliably carry out transportation of oversized cargo from anywhere in the world and throughout Russia, as well as other countries.

For international and long-distance transportation, it is important to take into account all the nuances, so that an oversized cargo is delivered to the customer without problems — safe and sound, within a specified time frame.

The advantage of our company is the involvement in the scheme of delivery of sea and river transport, which significantly reduces the cost of delivery of oversized cargo, increases the safety of cargo. The total absence of restrictions on the size of the transported goods makes it advisable to maximize the leverage of water transport when planning transportation.


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