Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Development of human resources is considered by the Company as one of the fundamentals for its long-term sustainable development. Improvement and strengthening of the corporate culture in the Shipping Company is intended to produce in each worker the feeling of being involved in performance of the Company’s mission and strategic tasks. The Company seeks to maintain wages at the level adopted in the industry and adequate to the final result of labor.

Salaries paid by companies of the holding exceed the industry average salaries and the market average salaries in the regions of the company presence.

We believe that by ensuring that our employees are well remunerated for their work as well as by helping them to create comfortable conditions for themselves and their families, Vyatska Shipping Company’s contributes to improving the quality of life in our country as a whole. We feel responsible for the welfare of the people whose work contributes in any way to the development and prosperity of the holding. Therefore, the main objectives of the social programs of the holding and its companies are:

  • Holding of sports, celebratory and anniversary events for the employees and their families;
  • Health resort treatment for the employees and summer holiday arrangements for their children;
  • Voluntary health insurance for the employees, their children and retired workers;
  • Social and financial assistance to veterans and retired workers;
  • Providing financial assistance to employees, including single mothers and families with multiple children.
HR policy

We seek to unlock the potential of every specialist working for us, for the benefit of the Vyatska Shipping Company’ and the employees themselves. Our policy of personnel management, based on an objective assessment of the results achieved and the unconditional respect for the individual, allows us to develop the skills of talented newcomers and find new interesting challenges for the professionals.

When working with the human resources, Vyatska Shipping Company adheres to five basic principles:

  • To ensure, or better still, to improve the employee productivity and the efficiency of use of the working time.
  • When imposing stringent requirements for employees, to maintain the same high level of professionalism in relation to them, regardless of their social status.
  • In any situation, to put respect for the individual at the forefront and to recognize the employees’ right to freely express their views during the discussion of matters of official business.
  • To maintain a high level of personnel discipline and ensure unconditional compliance with management decisions.
  • When making any decision or implementing any new procedures strictly follow the applicable law.


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