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Technical management

The Company ensures monitoring of technical condition of vessels, proper operation of all units and mechanisms, and maintenance of such units in due time. Well-organize efficient provision of vessels with spare parts and supplies, including POL, without putting them out of commercial operation; actually, in any port, in parallel with loading operations, navigation repairs are made on vessels, and preparations are made for presentation of vessels or direct survey of vessels by the Classification Society or other supervisory bodies.

LLC “Vyatskaya Shipping Company vessels, like those of an outside fleet, are technically managed by one of the Company’s structural units. One of the crucial trends in operation of the technical department intended to ensure for a shipowner optimal operation of vessels in technical and economic respects, is adequate organization and provision of technical maintenance of vessels and performance of Customer’s functions during shipbuilding..

Although the methods of solving tasks involved in technical operations that are performed by the Company have many years’ traditions, the Company, of course, monitors and introduces novelties that arise from emergence of advanced technologies, computerized facilities on vessels, etc. The Company performs operations involved in modernization of systems, mechanisms, and navigation equipment installed on vessels during construction by replacing such equipment with modern and technologically more intensive systems and mechanisms.

Well-organized work, efficiency and compleat professionalism of all officers of technical management in cooperation with other divisions of the Company is a guarantee that scheduled tasks are performed in due time and ship-owner’s interests are observed.

The Company organizes

  • planning of the Company’s costs incurred during technical operation, repair and provision of vessels, presentation of vessels for survey by classification supervision bodies and other supervisory agencies;
  • examination of command personnel for professional competence as required by the Company’s rules and procedures;
  • a radio communications system for the Company vessels’ control, permanent availability for emergency actions;
  • analysis of technical conditions and elaboration of plans for development of the Company’s fleet;
  • vessels’ survey by classification supervision bodies and other supervisory agencies;
  • collection and processing of data on design and building of vessels;
  • inquiry into the accidents and operational damages on Vessels;
  • provision of the Company’s vessels with all types of supplies;
  • technical maintenance during building of vessels;
  • assessment of a technical component in vessel designs;
  • technical operation of vessels;
  • repair of vessels.


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